So much for non-emotional…

So, I decided differently. I thought my next post would lack deep emotion, but I  want to talk about a recent incident that cut me right on down to the quick.

My church burned down on Wednesday. It is the first church in a very long while that has made me feel comfortable, welcome, … like family. I spent Wednesday night listening to the sirens, watching the smoke, and wiping the tears from my eyes. I think that the pictures taken would be the most impactful version of this particular story…


These were mostly my pictures, but I did add in a few that others posted online from a different perspective than I had.

Now, we all know that  a church is more than just a building. A church is made up of the people. So, the church is not gone, only the place in which we meet. But that does not make it any less sad.
The pastor and his wife are some of the sweetest people I have ever met in my life. I have never met a single person with a negative word for either one, and they have already been through so much this year. Between kidney transplants, illnesses from both, injuries from falling while trying to keep a child from running in the street, and now this.

My pastor’s wife said, “God must think we are awfully strong,” while I stood beside her looking at what was left Wednesday night. Fact is, they are. So, so strong. And they have the entire community, people of all races, backgrounds, professions, and religions, offering to help build this place back. That is the kind of people they are, and that is the atmosphere that is in this community.

This is a very supportive small community. I couldn’t ask for any more.


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