What the Internet Taught Me This Week

The Internet scares me, sometimes. Especially when I think about the fact that my children are unleashed on it occasionally. (Albeit with very strict guidelines.) There is so much to learn out there. For example, here are some things I have learned in just the past few days by reading things on the Internet…

I am stupid, because I believe in creation over evolution. (Which, in reality, I believe that both occurred essentially at the same time, and are just different ways of describing it, minus some serious timeline differences, but I also learned that belief makes me stupid.) I will never believe we evolved from apes. Sorry. I think we were made in the image of God. Special. Exactly how he wanted us to be. People ask for “proof”, I guess without understanding the true definition of “faith”. How dare I believe a “stupid book” over “science”.

I am stupid, because I do not believe the average person should just go get an abortion. Because I think, if the practice is allowed at all, it should have severe limitations, I am not sensitive to the changes that a woman’s body goes through. (But, if I were truly honest, I believe those that use physical changes to their body as their only excuse are vain and selfish.) I admit that there are some cases where I would accept it – even if I still will never like it. Ever. But I do not think it should ever become a common practice. Ever.

I am stupid because I lean conservative. Oh, and I am a wing nut, racist, and anti-women. And I am rich. (What I would like to know is – where is all that money?) And I am uneducated, and don’t know what I am talking about, and do not have enough intelligence to make my own decisions and have a successful and productive life. I am a follower that only believes what comes from “Faux News”, and I obviously never research anything for myself.

I am stupid because I am a Christian, and I need to go away and mind my own business. I need to get the hell out of this country, because I am a religious nut who obviously has no connection with reality. I hardly deserve to live.

I have learned that I am also racist because I am not swooning over our current president. Because I disagree with his policies and a lot of the things he has done, I am obviously blinded by my hatred of blacks, and I refuse to look at his unbelievable accomplishments.

I am ridiculous because I love that George Bush still attends the funerals of our fallen soldiers, but I hate that our current president sends representatives in lieu of going himself. I know, I know, he is “busy”.

I have learned that the very people who preach about how horrible intolerance is, are the very people who are intolerant of anyone whose opinion differs from theirs.

And we wonder why our children become afraid to express their opinions, and why we have so many followers instead of leaders coming through the school systems. We, as adults, have caused this problem. We have proven that the only way to disagree is to call people names, and insult them, rather than having mature discussions about our differences of opinions so we may learn from one another.

So, our children, as they grow, will be afraid to speak against wrongdoing, because no one else does. They will be afraid to be different, because being different is no longer a beautiful thing – it means you are stupid… Because speaking out doesn’t mean you can actually talk to someone, it means you will be attacked and insulted. You don’t change lives anymore, there are no new ideas, the you must conform or be stupid.

I fear this thing we call Internet. And I fear the people my children will be exposed to on it. People who use the cover of a computer screen to say hateful things that most of them would likely never say to someone’s face.

I have learned that, for many reasons, I am “stupid”. But hell, if the definition of stupid is, “a hard working woman who can successfully hold down two jobs – both dealing with education, have a Bachelor’s of Science degree in mathematics, love and teach kids mathematics, keep up with technology, cook great meals, love her kids and husband, loves God and her country, can deal with loss, adapt to difficult situations, and write way too long blog entries,” I think I will take it, and be damned proud of the title.


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