Color Itchies

Let’s just say it – I love color. I am a 30+ woman who regularly walks around in florescent pinks, greens, and oranges. (Yes,  yes, I know. It is probably against some kind of law, but I like color!) Well, my tops can be those colors, my pants tend to be black, brown, or blue jeans. I’m boring on the bottom, I suppose.

Anyway! My blog, while colorful, is muted. It’s pretty, but it’s not bright. My palms are getting itchy – I want to be brighter! Well, not I want to be brighter. Green or pink skin might turn heads in a rather negative way. I want my blog to be brighter!

I have a couple options to add “brightness” to my domain. I can look through the other WordPress themes, of course, but that’s not really what I’m looking for. I want to be bright, but I also want to be me.

I have a friend willing to offer a hosting as long as I can provide a domain name – and that will give me more access to altering what it looks like. THAT is a true possibility there. I just need a domain name for that one – in time, in time. And affordable. And handy!

One that’s probably definitely not going to happen is paying the upgrade cost on this site. With money the way it is for… well, probably a whole lot of people, including me… I just can’t justify paying $30 for the sole purpose of adding color to my blog. >.< Even if I support multiple blogs off of this one (and yes, I am thinking of another one), I still can’t justify $30 just for color.

Well, so there it is, in a way. If you see the colors of this page change within the next few weeks or months, just know that I’m playing with things. Feel free to let me know if you like them, or hate them. 🙂 (It looks as if I can change the background for free – I might have to start playing with that, too! Bubbles sound fun, what do you think?)


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