“Miss, were you old enough to….”

I’ll admit, I was asked a question that absolutely FLOORED me the other day. I don’t look very old – and I’m not very old. I tend not to wear makeup very often (I think it has to do with the fact that I have so much to do in the mornings, and I am just too lazy to wake up 15 minutes earlier to put it on), but I don’t think that makes me look older. It likely takes me the other way – I look more my age when I do wear it.

Despite all of this, I had a student ask me this last week:

“Miss, are you old enough to have attended the first ever pep rally?”

Uhm… OUCH! Granted, it’s a funny ouch, but ouch!

Perhaps these students just don’t realize how long pep rallies have been going on. My knee-jerk reaction was to laugh and ask him, “Geez, how old do you think I am?” To which one of my other students promptly replied, “You’re 21, Miss! Totally!” Which brought more laughter, and had me shaking my head.

But then it also makes me think back – what crazy things did I ask my teachers without even thinking? I didn’t actually attend middle school (well, I didn’t skip – I was home schooled), so I didn’t interact with teachers for those awkward years. In the high school I was in, we didn’t know many of our teachers really well. Just those who made themselves available to be known, which was few and far between. I can think of three in my entire high school time that I got to know really well, and this was in a very large high school. The small town gives the students an opportunity to know their teachers better simply because the classes are smaller, they see us everywhere, and they know exactly where we live. It’s not hard information to gather. Not only that, they usually have us for multiple years of school, rather than just one.

I don’t know. This question amused me. I think, come Monday, I’m going to have this student look up when the very first pep rally was, if that information is even available on the internet, as this incident occurred in my Technology class. I’m too scared to look it up myself – I don’t want to know how old I would have to be to have attended the first one. It’s an interesting little sideline to chase, though. Should be fun!

… I love being a teacher…


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