The Innocence of Children

Children, quite literally, crack me up. I have the opportunity to work with them on a daily basis, so I have something of a small bit of pity for those who don’t, because they don’t get to see their little sweet sides. This won’t be a long blog post, but I wanted to share a few things that happened this week.

The Haircut

I cut a good five or six inches off the bottom of my hair last weekend. This usually causes strange questions from people, to which I have a bit sarcastic answers. The answers, however, AREN’T meant to be believed! Too bad the kiddos don’t know that.

“Miss, did you cut your hair?”

“No, I just… well, I went to bed last night, and when I woke up, it had all fallen out!”

Another student whispers to her nearby friend – she’d overheard the conversation. “Oh my gosh. Is that really possible?”  Her voice was truly terrified – it sounded like she worried that it would soon happen to her!

The friend looked at her funny, laughed, then shaked her head. Nope! Can’t really happen.

This same day, another student looked at me, tilted his head one way, then the next, then back. “There’s something different about you,” he told me. He squinted, he even stood up and walked across the room to inspect me. “You’re wearing contacts!” he guessed loudly. I cleared my throat, tapped one of the lenses on my glasses, then shook my head. His shoulders drooped, and he marched back to his chair. Poor munchkin never figured it out!

Common Sense

I work in a very small district, and I am married to one of the other teachers. As such, we have the same last names. It just dawned on a student Friday after three weeks of school that we’re married, and he is in both of our classes. He explains this lapse in knowledge simply as, “Miss, I’m good at math and reading. Common sense? Not so much!” This was an 11 year old. Hehe. I’m glad he’s honest!

I love being a teacher…


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