Summer’s Winding Down… and Puzzle Agent

Summer’s Winding Down…

… and life will soon be speeding up.

I’m one of those “lucky” sorts who “have the summer off”… awesome for teachers! Really, summer is just a different kind of work, not less work. For me, summer consists of some World of Warcraft playing (admittedly – not work there – but I also play WoW during the school year), a lot of housework, spending time with the hubby, and taking care of the kiddos. Each year, I get a newfound respect for those mothers and fathers who stay home full time – I just don’t think I could do it! A month or two drives me batty, I couldn’t imagine years. And no, it’s not the kids part of it, it’s the staying home most of the time part. I didn’t teach summer school this year, so I had a month longer off than I normally do.

I enjoy working, and so I find myself excited about the upcoming school year. Both excited, and apprehensive.

During this summer, I’ve FINALLY gotten used to keeping the house picked up. Dishes are done regularly, you can see the floor in the living room (and it looks good), and I actually COMPLETELY emptied the laundry basket. More than once! All of this is incredibly exciting, as it is (honestly) something I have never been able to keep up for long in the past. And I’m worried I won’t be able to keep it up when the school year begins and I’m working all day again.

Now, granted, I do have 7 year olds, now. I know it sounds silly, but it helps! It doesn’t take them long, at all, to get their things out of the living room, which helps ME in the long run immensely. But again, during the school year they will have homework, gymnastics, and a million other things to do.

I think, if we do it right, we can utilize about half an hour to an hour on the weekends and just get the living room picked up. The kitchen – well, I do that when I cook, anyway, so I’m not worried about that one. Laundry will likely have to wait for the weekend. I’m just going to have to make myself do it. (I’m… not very good at making myself do things I don’t like. I admit it.) And I’m fortunate enough to have a wonderful, amazing, loving husband who helps with all of this, too.

Puzzle Agent

On a much more fun (and less boring) note, I had a blast with a game I bought on my iPhone! It was $4.99, so I almost didn’t get it, but I am glad I did. It’s called Puzzle Agent, and it reminds me a WHOLE lot of a game I used to have on my Nintendo DS – Professor Layton and the Curious Village. I wanted to solve the puzzles on it just because the story was constantly making me giggle – I loved it. The only issue I have is that I finished the game after about four hours play. Granted, I’m pretty decent at puzzles, and that might be why, but… I was disappointed when it was all done. I wasn’t disappointed at the price I paid – heck, I’d pay more for two movies that entertain me for just as long – I was disappointed that it was over! I may play it again, though… just to see the story line again. It made me giggle.

It is also a very, very good possibility that I will be buying Puzzle Agent 2 – but next month. And I will be hoping for a NEW Puzzle Agent soon after that.


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