Simple Pleasures

It’s amazing how used to some things we get, without even realizing it! We become “spoiled”, in a manner of speaking, and whenever a certain pleasure is taken away, we suffer quite a lot.

This last week, my family lived without air conditioning for five to six days. We live in Texas, so it is admittedly very hot, and we have had the added complication of humidity the last week, which is unusual for my area. Anything I did heated up the house – laundry, dishes, cook… I did the laundry and the dishes anyway, but picked up some things that could be microwaved for the cooking situation. (As for heating up the house, the stove was the worst, so I avoided it at all costs.)

It created other complications, as well. We have a little window unit in the living room, so I had the kids sleep in there one night, but the fact is that they wanted their own beds – so the next night they wanted to sleep in their own room. The window unit helps a little, but the poor thing was over-used when the overhead swamp cooler went out. To keep the living room somewhat cool, I had the little unit going, and two fans pointing opposite directions, to try and circulate the cool as much as possible before it dissipated.

When they moved back into their own room, my daughter ended up back in the living room after only an hour – she gets very sick when she gets hot. (We have even banned her from wearing footie pajamas, because she gets sick EVERY time. Poor child.)

When I finally called to get it fixed, it was for the kids, not for me. I was uncomfortable, but not so much that I couldn’t live. But man, how spoiled are we that we can’t survive without air conditioning! I can just hear some of the older people I know telling me, “When I was a kid, I walked to school up hill both ways… BAREFOOT in the SNOW!” (Luckily, they’re kidding, but still.)

Forgive me, but I have to think back to those who didn’t have it. Who didn’t have air conditioning to cool the house when they were cooking, who had to work in the sun every single day without sunscreen, who had to take very long trips just to get supplies, who had to cook with wood and fire. Or even those now who don’t have a home, especially with the way the economy is right now. I have had to choose between paying my bills and feeding my children, before – and I chose feeding my children. Luckily, we were able to pay the necessities, and the other bills just had to be set aside. But some people don’t even get to make THAT choice right now – they have nothing.

We are fortunate. We have a house, and food a-plenty, and entertainment, and jobs…

Sometimes I think it’s good to live without a luxury for a few days. Makes you appreciate it even more when it returns.

I’m sorry this isn’t one of my typical amusing entries. I’m just in a different sort of mood today, I suppose.


One thought on “Simple Pleasures

  1. Thanks for this post. I know that I can be very spoiled in my day to day life. When I was single, I didn’t use my air conditioning to save money and I can do it but I would rather not.

    I know there might be a day when I have to choose what luxuries I can’t have anymore. This really alllows me to be thankful for what I have.

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