Vegas Baby! Post 2 – Juuno!

Yesterday was our first full day in Vegas. I admit to it taking us quite a while to get out of the hotel room, so our first meal was lunch. (I suppose that is to be expected when on vacation, in some ways.)

After we got up, we went wandering around looking for some $5 blackjack tables after eating our lunch from Nathan’s. Yummy! We didn’t really find any, and when hubby tried the $10 table, he lost fairly quickly. It only takes a few good hands from the dealer, sometimes. Oof! I wasn’t as brave, so I sat at some penny slots instead. I ranged anywhere from $28 and some change down to $15. When I walked away, I was up by ten cents. Hehe. I had a good reason for walking away, though! I knew I was going to get a call from Juuno.

For those of you unaware, Juuno is the host of the podcast Juuno’s Corner, a regular submitter to Ctrl-Alt-WoW like my husband and I, and an all-around wonderful person in general! When we were considering where to go for vacation, and we ended up choosing Vegas, she invited us to spend a day together, and we accepted. We knew about when she’d be contacting us, so we wandered back up to the room, and waited to plan. Once planned in a loose sort of manner, I took a nap. I love naps. We met up with Juuno about 6:30 in the evening.

First, before I begin in any sort of detailed manner, I’m going to let you know something. WE HAD SO MUCH FUN!!!

Now! To what we did.

We began by going over to the Planet Hollywood Casino – there’s like… this huge mall type thing in there. HUGE! I should have taken lots of pictures, but I didn’t. 😦 We didn’t take any pictures last night, really, we just spent time and had a blast. Anyway, we wandered around this mall trying to find somewhere to eat, and ended up at the Rock Bar and Grille. I ordered a salad that I can’t remember the name of, and some fried pickles with ranch. The salad was amazing, and the fried pickles rocked.

Juuno got to try fried pickles for the first time. The sauce they came with was rather… eh. So her first reaction was comical both because of the silence, and because of the look on her face. However, once we had the ranch, she tried it again (brave woman!), and seemed to like it!

We spent about an hour there, generally getting to know one another and realizing, at the same time, what a small world this is. She grew up near where my parents live, and other similarities. It was truly awesome, and I had so much fun learning about her!

(Oh yeah, and the mall had these huge, like… crystal ball chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. It’s the only way I can think to describe it. They were individual hanging crystals that formed into the shape of a ball, and some of them had lights inside that made them change color. So pretty!)

After dinner, we went to see the Amazing Jonathan show. We had tickets waiting for us from someone named “AJ” – comp tickets that Nerdenstein was able to get through his magic buddies. Geniuses, we somehow didn’t connect that “AJ” stood for “Amazing Jonathan” – heh, duh. Nerdenstein had managed to get us tickets through the actual star of the show! That, in itself, was absolutely fascinating and we felt a little silly, but man, we had so much fun.

At the beginning of the show, Amazing Jonathan picked a person from the audience to join him on the stage. The man he chose stayed up with him for… goodness, I’d say half the show! And he was just as much of a ham and comic as Jonathan, so it was incredibly amusing. I laughed so, so hard. As did my husband on one side of me, and Juuno on the other.

Oh! I have to mention! Juuno’s skirt was so cute! Black silky type material with skulls that had sparkly red eyes. So awesome! I love sparkles – and she made it herself! I wish I could do things like that. Hmmm…. ANYWAY!!

The magic within the Amazing Jonathan show was incredibly limited – there wasn’t a lot of it at all, really. There was more comedy than anything else – but the comedy was awesome. I’d say – if you want MAGIC… pick a different show. If you want to laugh your tooshy off, go to Amazing Jonathan! He does a few little neat magic tricks, and his opening act was the female magician of the year from England. Man, her outfit was so cool – and I’ve never watched a female magician before! That was awesome. But there wasn’t a whole lot of magic going on in the show.

After the show, we met up with Tabi and Nerdenstein briefly on the old strip beneath a HUGE projection screen where people were zooming  by above on a zip line. Most of them shoe-less. I was grateful for that, because I didn’t want to get konked in the head with a shoe. Juuno fed them pizza (hehe), and then they walked us down to the bar we were intending to hang out in for the live music – the Beauty Bar. We had passed a bar that seemed to have pretty good music as we walked by, but we had our destination in mind, so we kept going. There was… a weird looking dude with what looked like parachute pants rolled up to his knees, a gold sparkly shirt that was unbuttoned down the front to show his… incredibly hairless chest, and huge red untied hightops with the tongue sticking way out. We shrugged it off, paid the cover, and went inside to wait for the next band. We waited about half an hour, mumbling about the heat and joking with each other – more learning and fun conversation. When the band came on… oh wow. It was… so… so… so…. BAD. So bad.

We lasted only halfway through the first song before we took ourselves back on out of there and back down to the other bar with the better band. We had good music, great conversation, and some crazy college-age students to watch that had… interesting clothes on. (Thus my twitter posts yesterday about some rules to portray to the Vegas women. For those of you who don’t know, my twitter ID is inmyowndreams.) Thinking about it, though, I have some things to say to the MEN, too.

Dudes, just because you CAN walk around without your shirt on or with it completely unbuttoned… doesn’t mean you should. Really. I know it’s hot, but… geez…

To repeat my advice for women, I had three things:

1) High heels don’t go with everything. (Sweat pants and a tank top? Seriously?)

2) Just because they can make it in your size, doesn’t mean you should wear it.

3) If you feel a breeze up there, it is probably because we can see your ass. Pull your skirt down! (I saw more butt cheeks last night than I’d like to count. My goodness, ladies…)

I have always said – it’s not where you go, it’s the people you go with. Anywhere can be a blast, no matter how bad it is, if the people with you are fun, understanding, and willing to have a good time. Juuno – you totally rock, hun. This is the third time we’ve been to Las Vegas, and last night was the most fun my husband and I have EVER had here. You are amazing company, and I truly look forward to having more chances to hang out with you.


One thought on “Vegas Baby! Post 2 – Juuno!

  1. Sarah Jean:

    Odd how ones perspective of Vegas changes over the years. It is now, I think, a carnival. However, it is good you’re having a good time, you and “hubby” enjoying yourselves.

    You live in Texas so I guess the heat doesn’t bother you. I was born and raised in San Francisco and have always hated the heat. To me, 78° is hot, but yet I have gravitated to warm climates and put up with the heat because of different reasons.

    Check out my latest post: Leave a comment on the web page. Like you, I’m attempting to build a following.


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