Vegas, Baby! Post 1 – Criss Angel

So, after a very long drive, we finally arrived in Vegas yesterday. I cannot tell you how happy I was to uncurl myself out of the car and get to STAY out for more than 5-10 minutes. My husband really (REALLY) dislikes the cost of flying on an airplane, and I am not thrilled with long periods of time in the car. I tolerate long drives better than he tolerates plane prices, so long drives it usually becomes. (Really, it’s not that bad – I have great company, after all. Sometimes roads can get frustrating, though – especially if we end up getting turned around or off track somewhere.) It was a long trip, and both of us seemed to slump at different times. We made it through, however, and I got to doze off plenty yesterday, which did speed it up a bit.

We spent a few hours simply laying around relaxing after checking in and getting our luggage settled (I love the idea of living in a castle for a few days), and then went down to take advantage of some special deals for shows. This was at, oh, about 9:00 or so.

We made it through the line by 9:10, and get up to the ticket guy – we had decided on The Tournament of Kings and Criss Angel Believe – one he really wanted to see, and one that I really wanted to see. (We skipped on Menopause the Musical, even though I am sure it is also hilarious.)

So, we scheduled Tournament of Kings first – easy peasy, only took a few minutes. Then we got to the Criss Angel show… the only options we had were that day, or Saturday. Hmm… Saturday just MIGHT be a bit packed with other things, so we either had to decide to skip it, or just to do it that evening. I didn’t really want to skip it, so we went ahead and booked the 9:30 show. It was 9:15 already, and we were in the wrong hotel. They also don’t allow late people in for the safety of their performers. >.< We… had quite a walk to make in a very short time!

Luckily, the Excalibur and the Luxor are connected, so we had easy access getting to the other hotel. We make it there in about five minutes (we were moving relatively quickly, but we weren’t running – yay for moving walkways!), but then we had no clue where to go. We wandered around the wrong portion of the Casino for a while, then when we asked a nice lady in the shop, she told us we were on the complete wrong side of the Casino. Doh! So, we take off toward the other side, and eventually make our way in – along with a crowd of other people. We weren’t the ONLY late ones, so I felt better about that. (“Late”, to them, is after 9:15 – we got there by 9:26… just barely in time for the show to start.) However, both of us were rather hungry, so that was a bit of a bother. We had intended to go down and book the shows, then get something to eat. We had to go to the Criss Angel show so quickly, we didn’t really have time to grab a bite. So we walked in to find our seats, promising that, at the end, we were going to find some food!

I must admit that I am relatively easy to please when it comes to shows. If it is new and interesting, I am going to love it. If it is a classic that I have seen many times, I’m still going to love it. (OR, if there is good food involved – a la Tournament of Kings. LOVE the food! So yummy! And the show is a ton of fun, too!)

Criss Angel Believe, to me, was a blast. A little raunchy in places, but hey, this IS Vegas, so it is somewhat to be expected. It wasn’t raunchy all over the place, however, so it didn’t liken a porn show – just a guy movie. And it was evenly distributed throughout the show, set in to accent the magic, not take the place of it.

The magic, itself, was rather fascinating. Perhaps I am incredibly naive, but I love watching the magic, because most of the time I just can’t possibly figure out HOW it works! As a mathematician, that’s incredibly irritating sometimes, but I also just love to be surprised. (Granted, most of the tricks didn’t SURPRISE me, I knew what was going to happen… but I still don’t know how he did it.) The birds were sweet, the levitation was really REALLY neat, and while I won’t list all of the tricks, they were pretty darned cool all the way through. The whole… cutting a woman in half with a big huge round saw was rather disturbing, but he did warn first. I admit to hiding my eyes until it was cutting the metal, rather than the woman. Blood EVERYWHERE. Yes, yes… she DID survive. She came out in the final showing of the performers to bow, so I know she did. I don’t know if they lined her up right when they put her back together, though – she was wearing a big ol’ robe when she had been in a little spandex suit thing earlier on in the show.

The ladies in the show were incredibly sexy, and got to wear the most interesting clothing! I’d never get away with it, but it is always interesting to see. Hehe.

My favorite part, however, was where he was going through his own life and he showed pictures of himself as a child. His mother was in some of them, and there was even a clip of when he first made a rabbit appear in a box when he was, like… oh, I can’t remember what he said. Fourteen or sixteen, something like that. (He had fluffy hair.) There was also the toilet picture, which probably shouldn’t have amused me as much as it did, but now I am considering embarrassing my children with a similar picture when they are older and trying to find girlfriends and boyfriends. “And here’s a picture of him/her on the toilet when they were seven. Aren’t they cute?!” If the prospective boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t run after THAT, they’re probably a keeper. Or very strange. One of the two.

There were bad jokes, worse jokes, and some really great magic sprinkled in all throughout, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I even forgot I was hungry until the show was over, and then I was REALLY hungry. Yay for Chinese food open at 11 p.m.!

I’ll tell ya, though. He has some pretty… interesting fans. There was a woman who had his symbols tattooed ALL OVER herself. There were, no joke, seven or eight tattoos mentioned that could be seen on her, plus countless others that were probably hidden beneath her clothing. We were sitting beside a group of rather loud Canadian ladies (I only know where they are from because one got called up on stage) who were constantly shouting, “I love you!!!” to him, to which he would promptly reply, “I love you, too, baby.” Which made them go nuts. Two groups gave him HUGE banners, one of which he used in one of his magic tricks, which thrilled THEM. If nothing else, he seems to love his fans.

(Actually, best part of the show… no joke… little Mexican (bad) magician that shows up throughout. Hilarious. Bad. And hilarious. The show wouldn’t have been the same without him. He stole it in some manners, but just added to it in others. Funny little guy.)

There should be more news later, so keep checking here for some daily Vegas vacation updates. Hubby created a login for me on his laptop, so I can hop on occasionally. (What a nice hubby he is!)

(For those who follow, please forgive me for not posting on Thursday. It was a long and exhausting day, and when I got to the hotel room, I just passed out. Literally. POOF! Gone.)


4 thoughts on “Vegas, Baby! Post 1 – Criss Angel

  1. Sara Jean:

    I lived and worked in Vegas for many years. When I first arrived way back in the day, I loved the shows. After a while one becomes burned. I remember when almost every casino had lounge acts going all night long. I was a dealer and had to listen to the same shows over and over every night. This gets pretty old, fast. I used to memorize the comedy routines and recite them to the players on my game to make them laugh and, of course, to get more tips.

    I just started a blog myself. The stories will be about a different Vegas than you know about. I was a rounder, player, blackjack mechanic . . . A mechanic is somebody who cheats for the house.

    Check out my blog, if you will: Tell your friends. Post a comment. 🙂

    I’m just learning to blog and today I found out how to put up my profile. 🙂

    I’ve written a novel titled “The Cheaters” and plan on putting it up on Amazon for the Kindle, soon. The novel is about a group of people who cheat casinos for a living.

    I will be mentioning it in the blog.

    My real name is not Rodipimpkin. 🙂

    1. Oh, I am very content being a visiting tourist. I can only imagine that it is not nearly as fun to someone who lives and works here. I think the same could be said about any vacation spot, though, really. I mean – is Disney even a fraction as fun to those who work there? I imagine not, andbi also imagine that those working in places like Vegas or Dianey make it a point to vacation somewhere else. If they didn’t, it wouldn’t be much of a vacation.

      Your book sounds interesting. Make sure you make it available for a Nook, too, as I do not have a Kindle. 🙂

      1. Sarah Jean:

        A day dreamer? Maybe you have ADD.

        You are right about living and working in a vacation spot not being nearly as fun as being a tourist. I also worked on the island of Aruba for then years. I ran a casino there. Aruba is five by 19 miles and island fever develops rapidly. And of course it’s a place where an American who lives there is a foreigner. Once you get away from the beautiful beaches you encounter the desert. The island is a desert island and looks exactly like the Mojave desert where Vegas is, cactus and all.

  2. Thanks for the update! I loved hearing about the show. For some reason I always want to read about how a magic trick works. But I would like being entertained. It all sounds so magical. I’m glad you are having an amazing time!

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