Who Cares About A Number?

I’m sure all have heard the phrase, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” And I’ll tell you – it seems some people do go there just to go all out and act… well, like they won’t have to answer to anything they do there. >.< The most interesting part about going to Las Vegas, for me, is the people watching. Goodness, they are so interesting! (Likely simply because they are so different from me, but, well, that’s a valid reason to watch them!)

I will say, however, that not everyone goes to Vegas just to make a fool of themselves. My husband and I tend to go to simply enjoy ourselves – and we will be going soon. We don’t change our behavior, our way of dressing, or even our hair, to go! (Though I admit that I was tempted to dye my hair, just to freshen up the color before I went off on vacation – but that was more due to vacation in general than the place we will be going.)

I think the “clothes getting smaller” thing goes more for summer and heat, than just Vegas alone, however. I notice the same epidemic here in Texas when the heat gets high.

What I don’t understand, however, is why the clothes don’t just have less fabric, they get smaller. Someone that is size sixteen trying to squeeze into a size twelve is going to leave unsightly rolls around the middle – add a shirt that shows midriff to that, it’s a pretty frightening thing to see! Not to mention, the same unsightly rolls would occur if someone who is size ten tries to squeeze into a size six, and someone who is size three tries to squeeze into a size zero. No matter how small a person is, if their clothes are too small, it is rather obvious.

I am a person that believes that all women can be beautiful, no matter what their size and weight. And no, I don’t just mean on the inside, I mean on the outside, too! Some people have an obsession with weight, and being thin… and I’m not one of them. (Some people also say that this is so because I am not large myself, but THAT is also not true. I’m not tiny, either – I’m medium sized. I think?)

I wear a size ten to twelve, depending on the brand and style of clothing. Guess what – if I try to squeeze into a size six, I’m going to look HORRIBLE. (Not only that, I wouldn’t be able to breathe, and I’d feel somewhat depressed that my clothes don’t fit!) It’s not the woman’s size that makes a gal look bad, it’s what they try to squeeze themselves into.

Clothing that fits, whether it be size zero or size twenty, is always more attractive on a woman than that same woman trying to squeeze herself into something far too small. One of the most beautiful women I know fluctuates between size eighteen and size twenty. It’s not the size or shape of her body, it’s what she puts on it, and how she carries herself. They make beautiful clothes for all shapes and sizes, and no one should be ashamed of what they have. There’s no reason to be ashamed of the numbers on the scale or the size of the clothing that you wear – you are the only one that sees them. Wear what is comfortable, wear what fits, and walk with confidence – absolutely beautiful.

Now, I do want to make a brief clarification. The situation I’m addressing here is not one that is addressing TIGHT clothing. There is tight clothing designed to fit all shapes, and I’ll admit that I don’t mind tight at all – it’s the too small clothing that I’m touching on in this blog post. Something can be tight, and still fit, especially if it was designed to be that way.

P.S. Yes, I know this post STARTED with Vegas. I totally intended to go that way, and then it took a mind of its own. Forgive me!


4 thoughts on “Who Cares About A Number?

  1. Omg I agree with you so much!!! I’m a size 18 and I know that I shouldn’t be squeezing into a size 12 just yet. Great post!

  2. I completely agree with you! And we are the same size, too, lol. (I’m Cubby from WDC.) 😉

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