World of Warcraft Players

(A few days late, but here’s my entry!)

I have been playing World of Warcraft (hereon referred to as WoW) for several years now. I imagine, if I weren’t so darned lazy, I could likely look up exactly how long, but…. nah. I have one level 85 Healadin (Holy Paladin – healing specialty), and the rest of my toons are lower than that just because, in the past, I had a very rough time leveling. That has changed more recently, but that is due to some very good changes in game.

However, I did not start this entry to talk about the neato changes that have come up in game in recent months. I came here to talk about some of the players that I have run into. Some names will be withheld to protect the innocent, but more names will be withheld to protect the guilty. Instead, there will be stories. You all like stories, right? Good!

The Tank Will Provide

So, there are four of us, and one of them. “Us” would be members of the Clan of Darkness guild on the Earthen Ring server – a fan guild for the Ctrl-Alt-WoW podcast. “Them” would be a random dungeon person that we got because we couldn’t find five of the same level to run.

Now, some of the people we find during randoms are lovely! We’ve run into some very nice people who are true joys to run with. And then… we also run into people like the Tank Who Will Provide.

So, we’re running a dungeon, and the tank is moving at lightning speed. He’s not paying attention to the mana of the healer (me), he’s not giving us time to loot (and I need my loot!), and he’s just barreling ahead as fast as he can go – oftentimes before a fight is even done, so those of us trying to help him end up being attacked by everything he leaves behind. Luckily, I’m pretty darned good with my mana on my little Healadin, and we were running this dungeon when I was about level 33, so me stopping to get more wasn’t necessary. We tried to talk to the guy in party chat to let him know that he was leaving mobs behind on us, but he paid no attention, continuing to barrel ahead through groups of mobs, rooms, etc as if he were the only one in the dungeon.

None of us had completed the dungeon before on the toons we were playing, though we had all run it before on other toons, and so we had to complete all of the quests. Quests, after all, are lovely jumps in experience, AND they give us guild experience, which we have all become rather obsessed with as we make the attempt to gain guild levels for the perks.

So, we come to a place where we have to break off and dive under the water to get something to complete one of the quests. We tell the tank in party chat, “Hey, tank. We need to go this way so we can get the core. This is the first time we’ve run this dungeon.” Nothing. “Tank? We have to go this way. The core’s down here, and we need to get it so we can complete the quest.” Four of us needed to get it, mind you. Still nothing. He barreled on. So we figured – eh, we could take the boss down there, no biggie! So we four ran off to get the core, and he ran off another direction. We’re fighting under water, and I see my health bar on him gradually decline – up until that point, I’d been with him, and he didn’t need to worry about the health bar going down. So, he dies. We finish getting the core, beat the boss, and come back to the surface, ready to meet back up with him. Heck, we didn’t care if he didn’t want to go, we would have gone – I just wish he would have waited for us! But I suppose I knew better.

So, once we’re up near him again, and I resurrect him, he asks, “Why?”

Our response: “Why what?”

“Why’d you go the other way?”

“Well, we told you that we needed to get the core for the quest in party chat before you went off. You didn’t reply, so we figured you didn’t need it. We went to get it.”

“But don’t you know that if you follow the tank, you’ll get everything you need?”

Silence for a moment, then three responses from us: “But… we needed the core, and you weren’t going to let us get that.” “Uhm. No?” and “Well…. not all the time.”

“Well, you know what? Watch this!” And poof, he left the dungeon group.

Note – we did beat a boss without him, and we’d beaten everything he’d left behind without a problem. It begins to beg the question, did we even need him in the first place?

VOILA! Once he left, we got a tank who was willing to actually talk to us and work as a group moments later. The rest of the dungeon was much more pleasant.

The Impatient DPS/Wannabe Tank

Just recently, we were running a level 40ish dungeon. I was the healer (I usually am), and my friend was the tank. We are a pair who happen to like to kill EVERYTHING. Most people already have the achievements, anyway, and are running for gear or xp – and even if they don’t have the achievement yet, they’ll get it at the end anyway along with a bunch of other stuff. All of it is experience to help us go to the next level, or reputation of we’re wearing a city tabard, so the more mobs that die, the better! Plus, we were looking for a rare spawn in a dungeon that leads to an extra boss, which rocks in so many ways.

He and I were looting (as I said, I need my loot), and one of the DPS runs off into the next room, aggros everything, then drags everything into the room we are in – upon which point he says, “The noobs went idle!”

Me: “No we didn’t. You ran off without us.”

Tank: “Well, you seemed so eager to tank, I was going to let you do it.”

Seriously, we had been in the dungeon less than two minutes at this point. We JUST got there. The following conversation continued. Remember, I’m the Healer. My long-time friend is the Tank. Everyone else is DPS, and we don’t know them. We never hear from one of our DPS, just the other two.

Him: Well, hurry the $%^& up! You’re pulling things you don’t have to!

Healer: I’m in no hurry, honestly. I wanted this loot, and I wanted the xp from the mobs. I’m not a level 85 yet, so every bit of xp counts. I’m not in a hurry to see who can finish the dungeon in the fastest time ever.

DPS1: Well, I’m in a hurry not to waste my time!

Healer: How is it a waste of time when you’re still getting xp? If we finished the dungeon, you’d still be getting xp, or you’d be waiting for another dungeon.

DPS1: Quests give better xp anyway.

DPS2: Uhm, not really. Plus, you get gear in here.

DPS1: Hurry up!

DPS2: Hey, you guys are good. Tank is good, health is good – whatever pace you guys want to take, I’m good.

(Not to mention, trash mobs can give some REALLY awesome gear, but so many people seem to completely ignore them and race through the dungeons as fast as humanly possible.)

Healer: Hey, if you want to go on ahead, feel free. I’d rather we stay as a group, but you do what you deem is best.

Our tank is silent, because he’s just laughing at the fact that I even bothered to take up the argument, I think. There’s a reason he calls me “Ornery” on a daily basis.  The DPS1 dude did run off, and died several times while trying to tank himself without the rest of the group, then finally got the hint and slowed down to keep pace with the rest of us… kinda, while nagging us the entire way. There was a point where we had:

DPS1: Pally, you coming? Let’s go!

Healer: You want to go without the healer, go ahead. But I need mana. Therefore, I have to sit for a few seconds and get it. (The drinks take 30 seconds to take full effect, and if you don’t have one that is way above your mana level, sometimes it takes nearly that long.)

He’d been rushing ahead, aggroing everything, then running back to the tank in about five fights in a row – his impatience had set back in. That’s the only way I lose mana in any sort of significant way – when there is absolutely no pause between fights, and it’s a whole BUNCH of mobs. Plus, he’d aggro, like, the ENTIRE room, come back to set them on us, and then have almost no health left, so that’s where all my mana was going – healing HIM. Eventually, I stopped wasting my mana on him, so he kept dying. Someone else resurrected him – I didn’t do it. I will mention that he’s the only one that died in the entire dungeon.  This conversation was had after he couldn’t aggro any more mobs and set them on us, because all that was left was the last boss. And STILL he nagged.

Why didn’t we kick him, you ask? Well, if you kick someone, they can immediately queue back up and irritate and nag some other poor group of people. If they quit, they get a timer put on them so they can’t join another dungeon again in 30 minutes. I just started to tune him out – the rest of the dungeon group was fine with our pace. We’re not super fast, and we do pull a lot of groups, but we don’t stop and wait for no reason, either.

See, here’s how I see it. Without a healer, the tank usually dies. Without the tank, the healer usually dies, along with all of the DPS people, because they are not geared to take the damage. Both tanks and healers are needed VERY much, and having good DPS (damage per second) is also incredibly important, because if the mobs don’t go down fast enough, we all still die! All five people in the group are important – if one person needs something, even if it is just one that needs it, we should go get it. We should be supportive and helpful to one another – it’s a game, and we’re all there to enjoy it. If we all check on one another, and we all make sure that everyone’s in game needs are met, it’s a win-win situation. We can ALL have fun!

If you want to speed through a dungeon over and over to get a certain piece of gear from the last boss (yes, I’ve done it), get a group of people together that you know, and that know what your final goal is. Random dungeon groups have different goals than that, and it isn’t the best place. Usually, when I am running for gear, I get a higher person in the group that could basically run the dungeon by themselves, and they just kill everything while everyone else loots. I’ve been both the person who runs people through, and the person being run through. COMMUNICATION is key. If we know what the final goal is, we are usually glad to help someone out!

I don’t, however, respond well to being nagged, called a noob, being cursed at, etc. I’m picky enough that them telling me to hurry up in such a rude way only makes me want to move more slowly. And I may have only one 85, but I am nowhere near a noob. In battlegrounds, I often have the top healing in the entire battleground (though much of it might be over-healing), and if not, then near the top. In dungeons, people rarely go down. I’m not a perfect healer, but I believe I do a decent job of it. I believe we all have a job, and I take mine seriously while still trying to have FUN. It seems that so many people forget that they’re supposed to be playing a game and enjoying themselves. Unless they somehow get enjoyment out of believing they are the only person in the group that matters (selfish) and insulting everyone – if they do, well, to each his own.

(I’ll mention, while I proclaim to being decent at healing – I’ll point out that I’m truly rotten with DPS and Tanking. So, so, so bad. But I’m trying to get better!)

In this post, I didn’t even go into the nastiness that goes around in battlegrounds. “You guys suck! You ruin everything! You’re all $@#($)$)# noobs!” My usual reply is, “The only thing that truly ruins this game on a regular basis is rotten attitudes.” After such, I get called a noob, and my gear is criticized, etc. To which I just shrug and move on.

I will say, I love my guild. We hop on the game to have fun, we laugh when we wipe, pick on people in a friendly way for their mistakes, and then move on. I’ve met some people that I truly enjoy playing with, and I haven’t heard one insult that wasn’t meant in jest. We laugh rather than yell, nudge rather than prod, and seriously just enjoy one another’s company. We help one another out, send gold and materials back and forth to whomever might need it at the time, run dungeons over and over so they can get something, run them through to get experience or gear, gather together to complete the guild challenges, and play a very pleasantly un-selfish game with everyone helping everyone else out. THAT is how I enjoy the game – I don’t enjoy being yelled at. In fact, I don’t even enjoy being the one doing the yelling – in game or out. I just wish people would calm down, slow down, and enjoy themselves! It’s a game.

P.S. Oh, all you speed demons? There are parachutes in Gnomeregan so y0u don’t die or loose a ton of health when you jump off all the ledges. There are boxes with them on several of the ledges, and beside the plane by the boss up on the middle ledge. Just thought I’d mention. I found out, the other day, that my guildies didn’t even know that because they were so used to everyone speeding through that they didn’t have the opportunity to explore and find them. They just always jumped, and then healed.

P.S.S. No, not everyone capitalizes, uses full words, and punctuates in their party chat. I “fixed” it for the ease of my blog readers who are, apparently, more willing to slow down, take a break from the game, and read my blog. 🙂


5 thoughts on “World of Warcraft Players

  1. This is very clear well wrote post and I agree with 99% of it.

    One thing I do if I see a really rude player is write down there name and guild, put them on ignore and inform there guild leader.

    Something may or maynot be done about it by the guild leader, but you do build up a picture of good guilds,players etc and bad ones.

    A guild is only as good as its reputation afterall.

    1. Heh heh, Well, I have three (active) accounts and more alts than I’d like to think of.
      But I do love to roll them.

      P.S. I’m also not a noob. I have 5 level 85 toons and about a dozen between 60 and 75.

      Good read!

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