School is Almost Over!

Students think that they are the only ones who look forward to the break of summer, but they are incredibly, terribly, and unbelievably… WRONG.

Teachers don’t get summer as “off” as people think we do. Often, we are preparing lessons, going to conferences, attending other trainings – just because we don’t have students and aren’t reporting to a classroom in professional clothing doesn’t mean we’re not constantly thinking forward to the next school year. If we do absolutely no work during the summer, we would start the year so behind that we’d never catch up. (Not to mention, the way teachers are paid in Texas – we’re not getting paid FOR the summer, we are just getting paid DURING the summer. The difference being – they are only paying us for the 10 months of our contract. We have the option of stretching those 10 months of payments into 12 payments so we don’t go without a paycheck over the summer. We don’t get paid to be off – that is a misconception that people do have. We get paid for the work we’ve already done. That is why summer school is actually extra pay – we don’t do it for free. It is work above and beyond our contracts – and paid as such.)

I have so much I want to get accomplished this summer, though. So much!

Some of it is typical wife stuff – I want to get my house clean. Keeping it clean is… well, I admit that I don’t do the best job of it. With twins, getting everyone up in the morning, struggling to get the kids dressed and out the door on time, a full time teaching job, tutorials in the afternoon, struggling with my children to get their homework done, and cooking dinner when I get home, etc – I eventually just behave like a good dog. (i.e. I sit and stay… at the computer.) I am sure there are ways I could organize myself better and get things done more efficiently and frequently, but I haven’t really figured them out yet. (I have been taking care of the dishes on a daily basis now for some time, however. It’s a change I didn’t think I could ever make, and I figured out how to work it in fairly easily. I’ll have to just figure out how to get everything ELSE in. Or begin considering child labor… hmmmm….)

Some of it is based more around hobby – I want to get back into writing. And yes, I mean something other than blog posts. While blog posts ARE writing, I just happen to want more! I have several stories started and left unfinished, and several more just swimming around in my brain just waiting for acknowledgement.

(For those of you who don’t know, most of my writing is kept on WdC, username SaraJean. If you aren’t a member of the site, all you can really see is my public sort of stuff – events, contests, etc. To see my stories, poetry, etc, you must be a member AND have posted something of your own within your portfolio. Yes, I’m picky – I rather like the idea of equal risk. The items can be hidden from people off the site, people of certain levels, or EVERYONE except you – depends on what you choose there. The owner of the site seems to do a good job of security, and the site is just amazing for writers. There are contests, writing “schools” run by members, IM and message board interactions, and even a way to give honest, helpful feedback to other people, while receiving it yourself. It’s pretty awesome. I’m quite addicted to that site.)

I want to create more cool tessellations. I know, I know – as opposed to uncool ones, right? Well, I make some pretty darned cool tessellations! I’ll even load a few of them so you can take a glance.

These are all rotational tessellations, but I think you get the picture. 🙂 (Haha – no, pun not intended.) They are a blast to make, though, and very relaxing. I get to color like a little kid – but on a picture that surely little kids couldn’t do quite as easily.

(Any image can be made larger by simply clicking on it – if you want to see the tessellation up close and personal, just give a clickie, clickie.)

I want to continue my exercising. This one will be harder – I have to take the Wii with me to do it. (I’d look like even MORE of an idiot if I were exercising to… hmmm… nothing.) I’m going to make a conscious effort to pack it, though! Each time we go somewhere. Woo?

I have the privilege of attending a conference with a wonderful group of math ner… uh… ladies. And I am so, so, so excited about it! I was invited once before, and I could not go because I had a miscarriage, and then promptly was diagnosed with gall stones a month later. I called in time, however, that they were able to sign someone else up to go, which I am glad worked out for them. I truly wanted to go, though. And I am overjoyed that I can, now! It’s a little difficult working on things with them from a long distance, since I don’t live where they do, but technology is a wonderful thing. (Skype, FTW!) I will be able to attend the meetings virtually, and contribute as much as possible that way to get prepared for the presentation we will give at the conference.

Anyway – like the students, I have a lot I’d like to get done this summer, too. Counting the days, counting the days.


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