Window Service

I spend a lot of time eating out.

Okay, maybe not nearly as much as I used to, but the people around here do know my face and voice when I call on the phone. I admit that might be because I work at the school and there are only about 5000 people in the entire town (yes, town), but that’s beside the point.

I’m digressing, let me get back to my story.

I had a long day. And I mean, I had a really long day. There was training after work today. The person conducting the training was late. Then, they couldn’t get the sound to work properly. Then, we had several login problems. Then, then, then, then — it turned what was supposed to be a 45 minute training, into an hour and a half. Then some more personal things happened when I got off of work, and I had to deal with those. Some days, things just pile up.

Those are the days I am the most likely to find myself at a drive through window. I’m tired, my family needs to be fed… and it’s getting late.

Usually I come upon someone who looks as if they’re having the exact same kind of day I’ve had. They DON’T want to be there, they certainly DON’T want to be serving me, and they make it very clear. I’m an inconvenience, and I’m treated as such. They’re just there to collect their [censored] pay check, so leave them the [censored] alone!

… I hate that….

But today, breath of fresh air, I had a woman at the window who had a beautifully bright smile, an incredibly patient demeanor, and she just… she SOUNDED happy to be serving me! She was perky and pleasant, and didn’t seem to mind being at work at all.

I was simply delighted.

Inside, I simply allowed my muscles to relax, causing me to sink somewhat into the seat of my car. It was as if all of the stress of my day had melted away, and I could go on with a little more of a smile on my lips and a lift in my step. All because someone smiled at me.

I’m not saying she was unusually beautiful or anything, and even if she was, I don’t really swing that direction. (She was quite cute.) But she was certainly pleasant to speak to, even for those few short minutes.

They say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Well, my ‘beholder’ is often nudged by a person’s attitude and outlook on life. She could have been a hunchback with a single eye, a bulging cheek, and scars all over her face — she still would have been absolutely beautiful to me today. With a long and tiring day, it was a great way to relax a moment, and smile back.

(Well, that and the attempt my hubby made at dinner — it wouldn’t be perfect to a gourmet chef, but it was perfect to me. The attempt means more to me than anything else — and the rice was LOVELY.)

I guess the moral for this post is:

Smile. You never know whose day you might just brighten.


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