The Healing Power of Babies

Alright, so I’ll admit that I had a pretty rotten week last week. Rotten in all manners of the world – work was stressful, friends were stressful, children were constantly fighting. I was just in an absolutely rotten and icky mood.

For me, that’s actually rather rare. I am usually a perpetually happy person – I am a firm believer that you can decide whether or not you are going to allow something to bother you, and the decision not to let it bother you can go a long way. Well, I was terrible about taking my own advice this week.

Here are some things I learned from my icky and rather immature mood swings:

1) Being mad all day is very tiring!

No kidding! I’d get home at the end of the day, and I’d be just exhausted! I went to bed early and grumpy, and that was more stressful on my body than any of the things that were making me grumpy in the first place. I slept, but getting real rest – even with my machine – was rather difficult. I had no motivation to do anything, and even when I did convince myself to do the things I needed to do, I did it with a bad attitude, which made me even more tired. It all defeated me, and I let it.

Note to self: Avoid this in the future.

2) Husbands can be wonderful.

Don’t get me wrong, they can also be turkeys. But on occasion, husbands can be truly blessed and wonderful beings. My husband, in particular, put aside whatever he was doing, and came to bed with me the evening I had the “worst” day, so to speak. We just laid there and talked for hours – like we used to do on the phone when we were dating, except now there’s no need for a phone. Our conversation ranged from what was bothering me, to what was going on in our lives, to what was going on in other people’s lives, to what we wanted to do this summer, to what we were going to buy others for Christmas, to – to – to… three hours of chatter. I loved it. We’re usually so involved in our own things that we don’t take the time to do that very often.

Note to self: Drag my husband with me for conversation more often.

3. Babies are the Best Healers of All.

I believe I’ve mentioned somewhere in this blog, before, that I lost a baby in April of 2009. I’d really been looking forward to being a mommy again. (Not that I ever stopped being a mommy, but I was looking forward to offering the twins a new sibling.) Since then, more than a year and a half later, I still haven’t held a baby. It stirs up emotions in me that, I think, I just wanted to avoid for the longest time.

Today, my munchkins were at a birthday party for my daughter’s “boyfriend”. Man, they start young now-a-days.

Since my children are both going to school now, the youngster doesn’t get to see them as much. So when the party was planned, the first thing he asked is if my kids could go. Yes, both of them. I was kidding about the boyfriend thing – they are just good friends of his because their grandmother is my kiddos’ babysitter.

Well, the birthday boy has a brand new baby sister – two months old. When mom gets there with baby sister, she gets handed straight to me. I got to hold her until I had to handle the music for the hot potato game… I loved it. She slept the whole time, admittedly, but that was perfectly fine with me. When mine were little, I used to fall asleep every time they did when they were resting on my chest. I used to say, “Nothing better to lull you to sleep than a warm baby.” I didn’t fall asleep, this time, but man did it lift my mood. I feel much, much better.

Note to self: Hold many more babies.


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