Fractal Art

Fractal Art and Tesselations are forms of art that absolutely fascinate me. For this particular post, I will focus on Fractal Art.

Fractal Art is an art form that many haven’t ever heard of. There are a few computer programs out there that make the art much easier to render, as doing it by hand would likely be nearly impossible. A glance onto youtube can allow you to find videos that delve deeply into the beautiful and mathematical art. (Mathematical – hah! Thus my fascination!) I try to be sure that my students get a good douse of Fractal Art, and with the help of a freeware program named Apophysis, I even allow them to make their own. As a teacher, I find it important to make sure that the students see the beauty of mathematics, along with the calculation side.

The Fractal Zoom I will show you below features a specific fractal named Mandelbrot. Some zooms simply feature the main shape that looks rather bubblish, but this one actually dives into a corner and demonstrates the beautiful color variations that come with the dive. Believe it or not, very fast mathematical calculations are what allows the computer to shift the colors and shapes.

Of course, dabbler that I am, I have also made some of my own. Hundreds, if I were completely truthful, though I do not show all of them off. Many of them can be found in my DeviantArt Gallery (my better ones, if I’m completely truthful, are certainly there.) A few of which are named Autumn Wind, Song Flare, and Heart Strings.

Here are some more simple, but still beautiful, fractals:
(I do admit that I left the backgrounds bland on these. My DeviantArt Gallery has many with more… bold coloring.)

The BEST part… is that everyone can see different things in each image. I won’t tell you what I see, so that way it doesn’t ruin it for you. That would also, truthfully, be why I didn’t have my own fun with the colors. (That can be a blast, but it does settle the image into a single view.)

So… what do YOU see?


One thought on “Fractal Art

  1. The amazing part of fractal art for me is the demonstration of mathematical “proof” which accompany them. This is a great example of the true beauty that the science can not only explain, but create. Excellent post!

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