Why Cold Trumps Hot!

So many people complain when it starts getting cold. They want the sun back, the flowers, blah, blah, wah, wah, yadda, yadda.

Well – for the record – I disagree! I absolutely adore when the cold months come around, and since this just happens to be my blog, I’ll even tell you why in one of my ever-so-helpful lists. (Getting used to those, yet?)

1. With Cold Comes Comfy

No, really, it does! All things fuzzy and warm come out of storage when it’s cold outside. Fuzzy blankets, fuzzy pillows, fuzzy sweaters, fuzzy socks – they’re all just lovely for snuggling up in and nuzzling down for some good anything. Television, conversation, chatting, messing with iTunes music… I think my favorite is nuzzling down with my fuzzy and super-soft blanket for some reading.

No matter how cold it is out there, fuzzy and soft are always warm. Especially when they come in the form of babies (uhm, minus the fuzzy, there), puppies, or kitties to snuggle with. All of those live beings have wonderful natural heaters, and are WONDERFUL to take naps with.

2. Cold Air Smells So GOOD!

Think about it – how often does the cold air smell gross? Hot air, during the summer, smells like dust, sweat, and ick. And yes, I mean ick! Cold air, however, always seems to smell natural, fresh, and crisp. Downright refreshing as long as when you take a big inhale, you don’t end up coughing to death on the exhale.

(Okay, I’ll admit that the illness is an un-fun part of the cold – but I maintain that the cold does not make you sick. Viruses and bacteria make you sick. Viruses and Bacteria seem to just thrive in the cold. Either that, or it’s people not taking care of themselves.)

3. Snuggling is Much More Fun

I live in Texas – summers are hot and uncomfortable. Snuggling during the summer, sometimes, simply doesn’t happen because you don’t want to be near anyone with the terrible heat, sweat, and stickiness. It’s a ten foot berth, and all you want to cuddle is a bucket of ice.

During the winter, that excuse doesn’t exist! In fact, we want to snuggle because it’s so darned chilly. Since snuggling is one of my hands-down favorite things, this is definitely a benefit of the cooler weather.

4. Snow Angels Are So Much Better Than Grass Stains

Mainly because they’re angels. And they aren’t stains. They come out of clothes much more easily, because they’re just made of water. Oh yes, and the halos. Can’t forget the halos.

And I’ll add this video just for the fun of it – yes, yes I am aware that it’s not really about snow, but the name was appropriate for the topic! (Plus, it’s a fun song.)

5. The BEST Holidays Are During Winter

I mentioned in a previous blog post that I love food. Well, then how can I not love the season that has the two holidays of gorging ourselves as full as we can possibly get, taking a nap, and then still eating more? Ham, turkey, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, candied yams, hot-buttered rolls, gravy, pumpkin pie, apple pie, cherry pie, Waldorf salad, cranberry sauce, menudo, tamales, chocolate Santas, peppermint, candy canes, rice pudding, cookies, milk… Heaven.

6. And Last, But Not Least

… During the summer, if you are hot, you can only take so much of your clothing off before you’d get arrested. And then you’d STILL be hot, and you’d get a sunburn, to boot. OW!

… During the winter, you can pile on as many fuzzy and warm clothes as you like, and be nice and toasty despite the weather.


2 thoughts on “Why Cold Trumps Hot!

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