XKCD – Amusement for Nerds?

First off, I’d like to mention that being a “Nerd” is not a bad thing, in my books.

My students (junior high, of course) all call one another a Nerd, as if it is a bad thing. “You… NERD!” in as insulting a voice as they can manage. So, I often find myself reminding them that Nerds make more money! With the exception of me, I suppose. I don’t make more money. Anyone need to hire a mathematician?

Anyway, one of my favorite comics is XKCD. It is solely an online comic, though there is now a book with 600 comics in it that I am VERY tempted to buy and place within my collection of books – even though I have already seen all of the comics, anyway. I recently, even, bought a pair of t-shirts from their store – one for my husband, and one for myself.

While this isn’t a typical journal entry, and will likely be shorter than some of my others, I wanted to share some of my favorite comics with you from this amazing, uhm, “stick figure” artist!

There are Commercial Spoofs

XKCD Loves the Discovery Channel

Comics that Only Mathematicians Would Understand


Confusing Comics that Still Make You go “Awwwww”

Angular Momentum

Amusing Trouble-Shooting Advice

Tech Support Cheat Sheet

Hilarious Scientist Adventures


Very, Very Odd Relationship Advice


Parenting Advice

Natural Parenting

And Last, But Not Least – False Hopes

Tech Support

Perhaps I have a strange sense of humor, but I love this comic. For those seeking to just look through random XKCD comics (each one above will link to the comic when you click on it, and there is a random option), be sure to realize that XKCD is NASFW. Not Always Safe For Work. While there is no graphic nudity with stick figures – man, that would be strange – there is some mild language.

There is a lot of math and science within the comic, so if you are a math or science nut (nerd?), you will likely greatly enjoy it. For all of you other non-math and non-science people, I’m certain you will like it, too!

(Special Note – I intend to attempt to update this every Thursday – maybe even more often, so keep in touch, and visit often!)


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