Non-Television Entertainment

In the past couple months I have found myself at multiple doctor’s appointments, hooked up to more machines than I ever imagined I could be hooked up to, forced to sleep with wires all over my head (making me feel like I was being assimilated into the Borg), and otherwise inconvenienced by the reality that one calls “life” and “health” while my doctors try to figure out what in the world is wrong with me.

Yes, yes… if you are some of my more avid readers (do I even have any of those?), I imagine you can come up with many things wrong with me. Be nice.

In this time, and with what little energy I have, I found ways to entertain myself. Some of them are silly, some of them are online, and some of them simply help to keep me awake when my body demands I should be sleeping, but my boss wouldn’t appreciate it. No matter the purpose or reason, I’d like to share a few of them with you. Heck, you might even like some of them!

1. Watching what/how other people eat/order food.

Seriously – have you ever paid attention?

“I want a #4, please, supersized. But not the drink. I’d like a small diet coke, please. I’m watching my weight.”

Okay, so what is the purpose for a small diet coke, really? You get a really big burger, a really big box of fries… and then a small diet coke. Does it make you gain less weight that way? Fewer calories?

I figure this – if you’re going to order a big, greasy burger and a big, greasy box of french fries, you probably ought to go ahead and get that big ol’ drink with it, too. Making it a small diet coke does not make the meal any healthier, and you’ll likely run out of drink before you get to the end of the fries and burger, anyway. If you’re going to make it unhealthy, make it ALL unhealthy, and then go ahead and eat some rabbit food the next day.

2. Participate in drawing very badly with your computer mouse – I love it! has nothing to do with iPhones, iPads, or iPods. It is, quite literally, Pictionary online. There are some people who are absolutely amazing with their drawings, but I’m convinced that they’re using a tablet to accomplish that. Most people are just as pitiful as I am while drawing with their mouse or touch pad, and it can be a lot of fun. There are some overly competitive people there, of course. And there are also people who are just immature and stupid – but you can usually root them out pretty fast, if you’re willing.

My favorite game there isn’t open very often, but it’s called “Big Picture (Two Words)”. There, you have to take two completely unrelated words and form them into a picture that actually goes together – rather than using a regular Pictionary tactic of drawing things by syllable, or whatever. For example, if you had chain and bomb, you might draw a chain that is about to explode because it is really a bomb. Or a bomb that is chained to something.

Basically, this is completely mindless for me, and I enjoy the mindlessness of it. If you have good friends on there, you can even create a dirty room that requires a password. (Shhh.) Not all of the topics on there are rated G, PG, or even PG-13. However, all of them can turn out to be utterly hilarious if you have the right people playing with you.

3. Playing with Puffy Paint

I know, I know. It sounds both silly and childish – but man is the stuff fun! I’ve helped my children decorate two of their projects for school, and I’ve decorated my purse. (Ours was the glittery puffy paint, so there’s even MORE fun to be had, there!) While this one may not be one for many males to get a handle on, it really is amusing to be able to alter something you already have to make it something new and fresh – even in such a simple way.

4. Baking Cookies of Many Kinds

I recently got a-hold of some directions on how to make cookies using cake mix. I was hesitant and had my doubts, but I finally just decided to try it. To my surprise, they were absolutely delicious! Not only are they quick and easy to make, but I can mix around with just about any cake mix, and throw just about anything in there that I want. (Super easy – cake mix, two eggs, half a cup of butter, and whatever you want mixed in. Bake for 12-15 minutes, until they look like you want them to.)

Butter cake with chocolate chunks turned out amazing, as well as caramel cake with toffee pieces. Next, I fully intend to try chocolate cake with mint chocolate chips. I already have the ingredients, I just need to mix and bake them. Mmmmmm!

5. Watching clips of people making fools of themselves on YouTube.

There are countless videos on YouTube of people making fools of themselves. Most notably, and what you can see in the video above, are people trying to fit themselves into holes before they get dumped into water. “Human Tetris” is what it is called, and I admit that I spend far too many hours watching these people try, fail, and end up with their funny looking outfits drenched.

6. Cute Puppy and Kitty Pictures. Oh, and pictures of funny looking food.

I Can Has Cheezburger, I Has A Hot Dog, and My Food Looks Funny are probably the sites I wander onto the most often. Their pictures leave me giggling, and wishing there were more. On a stressful day, they are actually exactly some of the things I need to wind down – other than some heavy metal rock music.

All the sites are run by the same people, and there are countless others out there to peruse, if you so get the inclination.

Now, you’ll notice that none of these involve sitting down and watching television. I tend to find all but a very few amount of shows pretty dull to watch on a constant sort of basis, and so television isn’t my main focus. I spend a lot of time online, I admit, which is why you do see some online references here. 🙂

Remember to try and take some time for things that YOU enjoy each day, even if it seems like it would be hard to do. Taking the time to relax can make a person happier and healthier, even if it is just a few moments. Turn up your music, pick up your favorite book, or find some YouTube videos that amuse you for a few minutes. You’ll find your life wealthier for it. It’s not selfish to want fifteen minutes to yourself – that fifteen minutes to yourself can make you more able to handle everything else, and allow you to give more of yourself to others.


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