Ahhhh… “The Guild”…

I was introduced to this web show, ironically, by a music video. I am a pretty avid gamer, and am usually tinkering around on either World of Warcraft, or some other random MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) or MUSH, or other role-playing game when I am logged into the internet. (Yes, yes… I am a Zelda freak, as well.) Well, either that, or I’m writing odd blog entries or watching Soap (late 70’s spoof of Soap Operas) on NetFlix.

Oh! Since I’ve told you the rest of my online life, I should probably let you know what the music video is now:

Anyway – I was already familiar with Felicia Day (the redhead) from her role in “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog”, and this video just sent me to giggling – as I was familiar with all of the terms, it actually made sense to me. I was a fan of Dr. Horrible, so I am not overly surprised that this amused me as well.

I started into some research, and I discovered that the web series was written as a spoof to MMORPGs, so to speak, and that Felicia Day had her own addiction with them at one time and simply decided to write about a topic she knew. She, of course, took it to very new levels, and the very first episode features her shrink essentially dumping her as a patient.

As funny as this series can be to those standing on the outside (it has quite a bit of language in some parts – a warning for those with more sensitive ears; some of the characters are quite crude), there is some reality woven in. Some of the most scary reality, to be honest.

  • People gaining unwanted obsessions with people they meet online.
  • The dangers of online flirting.
  • People neglecting their children and family because of an online game.
  • People who can find an alarming amount of information about other people online.
  • People becoming so obsessed with a game that they cannot hold a job.
  • Oh goodness – so many more!

I will admit that I, personally, find the web series incredibly funny. I have been able to ignore the cursing (because I am one of those people with pretty sensitive ears – sometimes it makes me cringe!) by watching the episodes on Watch The Guild where it bleeps out most of the curse words, rather than on youtube where they are out for all the world to hear. Perhaps making fun of uncomfortable reality isn’t the best way to approach the reality of problems that are out there, but I think it is actually a good way to make people aware without too much discomfort or… “throwing things in their face”, so to speak. There are real dangers on the web, and real dangers with game obsession.

I suppose the reason I am so open to this web series is that no one on this series reminds me of anyone I actually know. The characters are so far out there, that it is hilarious. Where else would “You have a nice forehead.” be considered a good compliment, “You winkied me.” mean true love, and a crazy elf-looking gold hat have “+5 sexterity”? And that’s only in the first few episodes.

If you are interested in a little amusement (though you may not understand the lingo if you are not a gamer), and you go to the website “Watch The Guild”, be sure to start with season one, episode one. It looks like you’ll need to click on each next episode at the end of the current one, because it is defaulting to the third season if I just let it run straight through. You’ll be reminded of a few things while likely chuckling quite often.


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