Doing NOTHING Right

Have you ever had those times when it seems that nothing you do goes precisely right? That’s been my last few days. However, as I can often laugh at my mistakes, I suppose I’ll go ahead and share them with you, so you can laugh, as well.

Friday, June 11, 2010

I had a doctor’s appointment this day, so I was intending to stop at the grocery store to get several things. (Yes, I had quite the list.) One of the things I, personally, really wanted to get was nail polish remover. So I’m sitting there all day long, then going through gathering everything from my list, and reminding myself every few aisles, “Don’t forget the nail polish remover. Don’t forget it. It’s at the front of the store, get it before you leave.” Well, guess what? I forgot it. I walked right by it, and completely forgot. This started the downfall.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I fed my children. In fact, I fed them quite well! Cinnamon rolls for breakfast, hot dogs and chips for lunch, special quesodillas for dinner – very well. I forgot to feed myself. Seriously! I didn’t eat until dinner. I even let a cinnamon roll go to waste. I ought to be jailed or fined for that, I swear! It was even the kind with cream cheese icing.

Monday, June 14, 2010

I had a newsletter due at noon, eastern time. True to my form, I was working on it about six o’clock in the evening, well past the time it was due. Granted, this is because I was really, really struggling with it. I’d think of a subject to write about, and then it would fizzle. I’d think of another, and then it would fizzle again.

I finally got  great idea with the help of a friend of mine, and I was researching looking for certain youtube videos, looking up quotes, all of it. All in all, it took me around four hours (I did pause for a snack in the middle somewhere).

I was very, very happy with what I had written! And then I realized – I’d written for the entirely wrong genre. In fact, I’d been thinking of the wrong genre all week long. I had it in my head that I was writing for the Comedy newsletter this week – but I wasn’t. It was the Mystery newsletter!

None of the ideas I’d been thinking of fit. Not. One. I packed it up and went to bed, then decided to just tackle it today, instead. Ugh.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I get the cooking bug sometimes – I just want to try making something!

Earlier this summer, I had some ladies clarify what double-dipping your chicken means, before frying it. I always thought that they somehow dipped it again after frying it once, then throw it back into the pan – and that’s what double dipping was. Boy, was I wrong! And… Boy does it WORK! The crust stuck to my skinless chicken breasts absolutely beautifully.

So beautifully, that I intended to make Breaded Parmesan Chicken with Spaghetti with the side dish. I had the marinara sauce, I had the spaghetti noodles, and I even had some veggies for the side. I was, however, missing a key ingredient to this dish (as it is in the name), and did not even realize until it was time to use it.


I had made the entirety of the dish – and it actually took a while. I had the sauce on the noddles and on the meat, and… no Parmesan. The most important part of the meal! By this point, I just slumped, decided I didn’t care, and handed it to my husband anyway. Luckily… it tasted good anyway.

The next thing that happens, I swear the gauntlet will be thrown. I will win! (If life lets me.) It will not get even worse!

Oh, and just because I need to use them SOMEWHERE – you will find the very same youtube videos I was going to link for my Comedy newsletter (that wasn’t mine) scattered throughout this post. Enjoy!


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