Boys vs. Girls

I grew up as an only child, so I find it incredibly amusing to watch the differences between my children. I have a daughter and a son, twins, who will be six this coming June.

Many people seem to think that, just because they are twins, they will be exactly alike. That they will look alike (they don’t), they will act alike (they definitely don’t), and they even have equal smarts (we’re still not so sure about that one).

My children are just about to finish kindergarten, and their differences are absolutely hilarious. I’m not sure if it’s really boy versus girl or if it’s more sibling versus sibling, or even twin versus twin. Maybe all children are this way – but I suppose I’ll never know if all of them are like that. I only know if my kiddos are like that.

My daughter will eat anything.

My son will eat pizza and Lunchables.

My daughter will get dressed in the mornings without a problem.

My son wants mommy to pick out his clothes.

My daughter will get up the moment I step in the room in the morning!

My son takes anywhere between fifteen and forty five minutes to get out of bed.

My daughter is incredibly picky about everything – it MUST be done like it always has been!

My son doesn’t care how things are done, as long as the end result is the same.

My daughter was born wanting to face out and watch the world go by.

My son was born wanting to snuggle against mommy’s chest and sleep.

My daughter had days and nights handled normally as a baby.

My son had them backwards.

My daughter is terrible at racing games, and has more fun falling off the edge than racing.

My son is incredibly competitive, and it drives him nuts when his sister keeps driving off the edge.

My daughter pretends to be Dora the Explorer, or a princess.

My son… pretends to be a dog, cat, or fire-breathing dragon – who often saves the distressed princess.

My daughter screams and jumps on the couch when the vacuum is turned on.

My son wants to be the one turning the vacuum on to vacuum the carpet.

My daughter is content knowing things work.

My son has to take everything apart to see HOW it works.

They both like helping mommy and daddy.

They both are very affectionate little children.

They both are relatively deaf when learning. No matter how loud we call them, if they are “discovering”, they won’t hear us.

They are both incredibly intelligent. (Frightening!)

They both LOVE books.

They both love school.

They both know how to make me laugh.

They both like to help me cook.

They both hate to see mommy cry.

They are both going to be heart-breakers when they get older.

I love my children dearly, as does my husband. I think watching them grow, and watching their similarities and differences is the most amazing (and amusing!) part of my life right now. They’re excitable, energetic, emotional, and the truest of true blessings.

I wasn’t supposed to be able to have children at all – though I didn’t find this out until after I had these babies. My second pregnancy didn’t even last to the twentieth week. But that… is for another day, and another blog entry.


4 thoughts on “Boys vs. Girls

  1. Great blog, !
    My daughter loves dragons , and books she will devour !
    As for the miscarriages you have my (our) sympathy, we were there, and it hurts like hell. but we have our daughter, D, who is precious !!
    All the best from the Uk Gareth

  2. Sara♥Jean,

    I hope that the heart shows up in the middle of your name like it does when I write you on:

    This is a delightful blog entry! I want to send a link for it to my daughter who has a set of boy/girl twins who are 3 1/2!

    They also both have very distinctive personalities!

    As you are experiencing with your son and daughter, it is truly amazing to watch them develop into two unique individuals who just happen to be twins!

    Truthfully, all children are amazing . . . and they all need someone in their lives to recognize that, eh?

    These two are lucky to have YOU!

    (and their dad, too, of course!)

    God bless you, Sara♥Jean!

    ~ ~ ~ ruwth ~ ~ ~

    1. It shows up!

      Feel free to share this entry (and any entry in any of my blogs, actually) to anyone you’d like. This one is meant to put more of my “articles”, so to speak, for others who don’t know me to find interest in. My other blog is designed more toward people who are familiar with me, and so it is less formal, but might be interesting to some.

      I don’t hide them, so you can link pretty much anyone to it without a problem. 🙂 I won’t decline the exposure!

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