Allergies are the DEVIL!

I lived most of my life without any kind of severe allergies. Or, well, I thought I was without any kind of severe allergies – I think it was more like… I never remained exposed to those things that I was truly allergic to for very long, so the symptoms would wan and disappear fairly quickly.

My first hint that I could get really bad probably should have come when I was about sixteen. I went from Sinus Infection, to Bronchitis, to Pneumonia within 24 hours because I waited too long to take my medicine. YOWCH!

But no, like anyone, I didn’t learn or take the hint. Until now.

I have spent the last few days absolutely miserable. I mean… MISERABLE. I’ve been battling red, blotchy rashes, hives in places I never thought I could get hives, the inability to breathe and/or speak, and swelling body parts – the most embarrassing being my lips. (I suppose it is a good thing my husband loves me! I really did feel like Bubba off of Forest Gump with my huge bottom lip. Except mine was worse, it stuck out like that AND it filled in all of the space.)

There was a time when I used to listen to all sorts of people whine and complain about their allergies – and trust me, some people can whine and complain REALLY well. I’d be sympathetic on the outside, but on the inside, I’d be saying, “Oh, good grief. Get over it! Just avoid whatever it is, and get on with your life!”

Never again will I do that. After spending this entire weekend trying desperately not to scratch, but then slipping in the occasional scratch to my scalp where I couldn’t put any anti-itch cream because I couldn’t get the cream beneath my hair and couldn’t stand it anymore – after spending this entire weekend avoiding mirrors because it looked like my face had been blown up out of proportion with the swelling around my eyes, nose, forehead, and lips – after spending this entire weekend sleeping, because it’s easier not to scratch when I’m not conscious – and after spending this entire weekend more miserable than I’ve been in a LONG time, I will never, ever chide someone who feels miserable with their allergies. Not even in my mind.

All of this over… a laundry detergent.

I suppose the good thing is – I did get a hint of what I’d look like with botox, as I did have both the top and the bottom lips swollen at one point. It wasn’t a pretty sight. I won’t be seeking any lip enhancements for… well… ever. Now, OTHER places? We’ll see.


5 thoughts on “Allergies are the DEVIL!

  1. I had the allegy pin prick test, which said I was allergic to grass, pollen, dust, cats, and dogs and trees, I asked the nurse how to avoid these….. she just shrugged. ! great ! I felt like Mike from Northern Exposure living in his biosphere !!!!

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