I have a goal?

Well, for once, I suppose I do. I find that, as I read things, I have a lot to say. Some things I blog about have to do with the news, some things have to do with… well, other things, I suppose. I’ve never actually had a blog with a purpose, though, and so that is my goal here.

Other people blog. LOTS of other people blog. Heck, I’ve even blogged for the last several years, though I’ve done it on a sketchy and unreliable sort of basis: From the Misplaced Keys of Sara Jean – there’s the proof.

While I read a lot of news articles and blogs, as well, I find that much that I read leaves me… frustrated. Or there is the rare situation when I want to respond to something, but the other responses are so out there that I know my own reply will fall on deaf ears. I will refrain from calling anyone stupid, because really, that has no part in it. There are others that stoop to labeling anyone who has a differing opinion as stupid or prejudice for a lack of any other way to understand why anyone could possibly be disagreeing with them, I suppose. I will not stoop to that.

I do intend to post some things on here that will gather differing reactions from many who might read this blog (if I do gather any readers at all) – but I think that disagreement is healthy, not stupid. I do not think that people who do not agree with me are idiots, I think that they do not agree with me, and I’d love to know why. Differing opinions are what makes this world go round.

For that reason, I will request that any who post here do so as adults. There is absolutely no reason to lower yourself to name-calling and arguing, because in the end, often it is the person arguing the hardest that makes themselves look… for lack of a better word… stupid. Stating your opinion, however, is definitely allowed. It’s okay to disagree. No one has ever said that everyone in the world has to agree.

Wouldn’t that be a boring world?


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